Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Savings From Around the Net

I just love bargains, but with the new budget in mind the best I can hope for is to live vicariously through others. Hopefully, someone can find these awesome deals doable, then tell me all about the thrill of the deal!!

I am really interested in trying http://www.alice.com/. Has anyone tried this that can share their experience? Okay, now to the savings:

First, Saving and Giving has a great deal from Target. I am really wishing this was in the budget. They would be fun for any day or great to put up for Christmas.

Next up $he $aved is promoting Zulily's awesomeness. Yes~I am a member.  The costumes are the focus today.   My favorite is Spot the Barking Dalmation. Really great deal! She also has Amazon Golden Box Wii deals here. I had not seen this before, but will definitely be paying attention now. I could use my SwagBucks for Amazon gift cards to grab these with. I have been remiss in using my Swag lately, but will be jumping back on the wagon to save for Christmas. 

How about a cutie patootie free craft? That's still saving right? Check out these Recycled pillow box favors. How cute!! Not to mention planet friendly, right?

How about rocks or shells from vacation you're holding on to, but not sure what to do with? You could try making Beach rock souvenir collage. Just Lu used rocks, but I'm a betting that shells would be fabulous as well.

Anyway, that is all I have for now. I do have an EVOC class Thursday and for those that aren't familiar with the term (I wasn't for a while), it means someone is crazy enough to teach me how to drive an ambulance. Whoo-doggie.  I'll leave you with that one. Til next time...

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