Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well Spent

I am always running short on time and money. However, recently, I made a small investment of both and received a very large return. After work, I picked up the Morgan~aka Angel Baby~and we hit the "dollar" theatre (translate into $5 each) for New Moon. Let me veer off topic for just a minute and say that the majority of movies based on novels do not meet my expectations if I have read the book . I am a nerd and love to read and always have. I really did not plan on liking this series of books going in. I thought it would be silly and high schoolish. I was happily surprised by Stephenie Meyer's writing and her ability to bring these characters to life for me. She made me want to know more. I devoured the 4 books in just under 2 weeks. It wouldn't have taken so long if I didn't require sleep :) Back to the movie. I was very disappointed in the first, Twilight, so I did not get my hopes up for New Moon. I was pleasantly surprised. I still don't think "that girl" can act to save her life, but Taylor (?) playing Jacob more than made up for it. However, the last part of the night was talking with Morgan and enjoying her company one on one sitting at a Waffle House (which here in the South is gold!). Typically we are surrounded by chaos and can barely hear each other speak. I was totally reminded of how much I like her in addition to loving her because she is mine. I hope I can make such wise investments more often with her and all my cherished ones!