Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Running behind~as usual

Okay, I didn't get my Menu Plan Monday up yesterday. I know it seems like I'm a slacker {I am}, but I really had a good reason. I had my National Registry test for my EMT Basic class yesterday afternoon. I spent all day yesterday bouncing between studying and panicking. That was hard work. Really. But hey I passed. Whoop, whoop!  It was also a really busy weekend. Bubby got a hair cut and the living room got a fresh coat of paint.
See the hair and green walls

New Hair
New walls

Okay so here is my menu for the week minus last night {which was cereal or sandwich~take your pick}.
Tuesday~Chicken quesadillas (canned chicken, taco seasoning, cheese and toppings of choice). SO easy.
Wednesday~Meatloaf, mashed garlic potatoes, green beans
Thursday~stuffed baked potatoes with toppings of choice including chicken
Friday~taco soup
Saturday~having a party so it'll be hot dogs and burgers
What's for dinner at your house?

More useful internet finds:
Target has the Kodak Digital Video Camera - Black (Zx1) for $79.99 with free shipping. That is a heck of a deal my friends. See it here:  http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/?asin=B001OC5L0C&ref=sc_hero_txt&AFID=Performics_Spend%20Less%20and%20Save%20More&LNM=Kodak%20Digital%20Video%20Camera%20

And finally some great tips for organizing with your kids here:  http://www.simplify101.com/organizing-with-your-kids.php

Have a great day!! 

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