Friday, May 28, 2010

Why didn't I think of this?

I haven't actually tried this YET, but you can bet your sweet melons on my next trip I will be investigating!! What do you think?
Pick Your Perfect Pair: Buying Bras by the Halves

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

$5 Dinners

Here is a fantastic site I have started using. Hopefully it will be quite handy in dealing with some of that change I mentioned! I hope it will be helpful to others!!
New to $5 Dinners…Learn More Here! | $5 Dinners™

Times are a changin'

Wow. It has been a very busy time. Summer has arrived with full force. Wild Thing has graduated and is making his decisions on life ahead. Will it be college, military, firefighter?  Angel Baby turned 16, started driving, got a job and is participating in dual enrollment at Jeff State. Sweet Cheeks will be 8 in July and finally has 2 loose teeth, of course it is her front teeth. Can't wait for those pics!! She was also the top AR (accelerated reading) student in her class. My Bubby is talking his head off and climbing anything in front of him. He will turn 2 in June. He is growing so fast!!  I have started EMT-B classes (3 nights a week with rotations on the weekends) in addition to the full time job.  LOVE it, by the way, even if it makes life more hectic. The Captain's schedule has changed-no more 7 on-7 off for now. I have reconnected with friends from the past and made many new friends. Friends have lost parents. Friends have had scares, like a motorcycle wreck. Friends are expecting babies, having babies, taking care of babies!! I know there are things I am forgetting, but whew. Most importantly, I am trying to learn and grow in my Faith in God.
I know there is more change to come. Some I am instigating and some, I am sure, will be quite unexpected as life tends to be. I am at a point in my life where some things HAVE to change and I will be sharing some of that here.  Still~daily I am so grateful for the Blessings in my life and Thank GOD through good and bad. How are things in your world?