Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen...Start your engines

I passed the 10,000 pages of other people's blogs read milestone today {according to my Google Reader}, I decided to quit with the blog envy and attempt one of my own. I have been blog stalking for a while now and have been moved to tears, shaken with laughter, and just generally entertained. Even though most of these unsuspecting bloggers have no inkling I am skulking through their posts, some seem like friends I have known a while and love to visit as often as possible. I look forward to grabbing my coffee and sitting a spell with these amazing people who have invited us into their lives. While my blog has no delusions of grandeur, I do think it will be a fun way to document my family and hopefully spark some of the creativity I am sorely missing. So whether I am the only one to see this or if I mesmerize the masses, I'm off.....

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